What We Do

Heritage Investments Capital helps companies worldwide to define their strategies, strengthen their organizations, and improve their operations. Our clients are located world-wide and include companies who are already in business and require working capital or ones that are just starting out and require start-up funds. We can also support a diverse range of government institutions and nonprofit organizations with their management challenges.

With more than 60 years of combined managerial experience, our mission has been to help our clients achieve distinctive, substantial, and lasting improvements in their performance. From our most senior leader to the newest consultant, we work with our clients to realize their performance potential. With over dozens of consultants and specialists across an international network of 5 offices and specialist practices, Heritage Investments Capital has the ability to combine deep knowledge of specific topics/sectors with strong local character.

To provide our clients with the support they need in the ever-changing financial environment, Heritage Investments Capital created a specialized line of service. Our Corporate Finance Practice serves the increasing number of companies turning to Heritage Investments Capital for objective financial help on the best way to grow their business. Our assignments cover virtually every sector of the global economy. From our extensive experience across industries and geographies, we have gained insights on how companies create and manage value, and we use this unique combination of strategic, financial, and geographical expertise in helping clients achieve their goals.

In Corporate Finance, we concentrate on pushing knowledge on the medium and long-term development of markets and on the development of leading-edge financial tools. Growth strategies, mergers & acquisitions, and alliances are at the very core of today’s business environment. No sector remains unaffected and none is immune to the changes involved.

In this environment, corporate finance issues take on an unprecedented importance. No longer just individual initiatives or deals, they must become an integral part of a coherent long-term corporate strategy.